Social Media: Traditional Views

September 27, 2011

5 Ways Traditional Media is Going Social



This article had some interesting information. I’ve always been a proponent that organizations (regardless of their usage) need to remain pliable and adaptable to the changing marketplace. In essence, adapt or die. It’s no secret that technological advances with making functional internet a household commodity has had a profound impact on print journalism. Many newspapers were caught with their trousers down with the technological revolution. The news organization that saw the bullet coming and planned for it have survived, and some (the good ones) have even remained successful. Point and case, the New York Times and USA Today maintain You-Tube channels to keep their stories instantly accessible to online audiences. They also ensure that readers of their online articles can easily share stories on Facebook and Twitter.

I think many local news organization probably suffered the most because of their lack of embracing social media early in its development. Exhibit 1; The Litchfield Independent Review. This is a small-time newspaper that’s been moderately successfully running for years out of a little no-where town Litchfield, Minnesota. Over the past 10 years, the paper (and it’s website) are almost reduced to shambles because it was one of many that held onto the dinosaur mentality that it’s been doing fine for the past 10 million years and it doesn’t need to change its business model just because “the time’s are a-changin’.”

How to Integrate Social Media With Traditional Media


Loved this article! It compares consumers to bacteria, which in my opinion, is a wonderful analogy. Just like bacteria, consumers become increasingly resistant to marketing strategies. This means that organizations not only need to know HOW to integrate, but they also need to know HOW to continually adapt and evolve their marketing strategies. The rest of the post really focuses on the next most important concept of any marketing strategy: market research! One of my professors has a good quote that I really take a lot from; “In God we trust. Everyone else bring data.”

That’s all I really have to say about that.


  1. Hey Yerka, I really enjoyed your post. The analogy you used about newspapers being caught with their pants down, that’s a really good one and definitely gets the point across! :) In the second article, I don’t know if I really like being compared to bacteria at first glance, but then again, after reading a little bit further I understand the analogy. You would really like that one…

  2. I think you make great points and that companies that don’t adapt quickly will end up in the dust of deleted 1’s and 0’s.

  3. I liked the bacteria analogy too. I’m commenting on everything of yours haha

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